Tap, tap… is this thing on?

So, nearly a month since I last posted! And I was doing so well throughout November… but then FINALS intervened. Ugh. If you read any law student blogs, you have a good sense of my state of mind throughout finals season, and if you don't? You probably don't want to know.

Although I spent a lot of time composing long laments about finals in my head, I will simply sum them up by saying that I completely flubbed one element of the instructions on one exam, had NO idea what to write for the first question on another, spent 8+ hours writing the third, and didn't think the last was that bad, which probably means I missed seeing all the really complex stuff and didn't distinguish myself (especially since this was my "I don't have time for everything so I have to let something slide and this is going to be it" class). I felt much less prepared than I was last year, and am going to take solace in the fact that everyone I talked to felt that way.

Anyway, finals are over. I'm not going to think about them any more.

And now it's Christmas, my favorite holiday, yay! Not that we did anything especially exciting – we roasted a duck and various root vegetables and cooked some green beans with Meyer lemon and almonds, and that was all very yummy. (I have fallen in love with Meyer lemons – they are soooooo delicious). I also made some gingersnap sandwich cookies filled with lemon cream frosting – which were REALLY good. (The evil part is that each "cookie" is really made up of two cookies, so you, by which I mean I, end up eating twice as many without quite realizing it.)

I have been doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for myself: I ordered three sweaters online (because they were on sale!), although sadly, only one worked; I ordered a couple pairs of boots, and am crossing my fingers that they fit; and I bought a new purse (this; I had kind of wanted to get something other than black for once, but I didn't like the shade of red they had, and the purple and turquoise ones were a little too out of my color zone. I do love the purse, though; I could sit all day huffing the new leather smell and stroking the silky lining).

And that's about all that's going on here. Oh, I forgot, we saw Up in the Air, which was EXCELLENT and which made me cry like a baby. We had great aspirations to see more movies (Avatar, Mr. Fox, Invictus), but we wanted to see Avatar on the IMAX theater near us and didn't want to do that the weekend it came out, and haven't got around to it yet. Plus, it was snowing when we had free time this week.

So, yeah. Nothing very exciting. But I'll try to get into swing of posting here again, so I don't have to write boring, catch-up, "this is what I've been doing" posts. It's almost as bad as writing those holiday card updates (what the hell DID we do all year?).

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