Haven’t done this in a while

(Mostly because I haven't looked at my stats in ages. But I'm procrastinating.)

Recent internet searches that found my blog:

  1. ways to enjoy teaching
  2. funny cat pictures with captions
  3. generalizations about Indian women
  4. specialist in education cannot wear a doctoral gown
  5. people are idiots look around you that is slowly becoming my favorite pedagogical principle
  6. hallway pedagogy
  7. why do you want to teach history
  8. would have done differently
  9. doing what you like is freedom

I especially love #4 (it sounds like an existential crisis), #5 (just cracks me up), #6 (I want to trademark that somehow), #8 (so wistful), and #9 (damn straight).

My searches still seem to be academic related; I wonder if I'll ever get law-school related searches here.

Of course, finding out would require me checking my stats more than once every six months, so I doubt I'll ever know.


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