My week finally ended today about 3:30, in that I finally had no pressing appointments, no places to go and people to see and spiels to perform about how much I want to work for [fill in employer's name here]. (It's not that I had SO MANY interviews that it was overwhelming, they were just spread out over the entire week so they took up a lot of mental space.)

My brother-in-law and niece are coming into town this weekend, so that will be cool. I had grand plans of cleaning up this place so we can bring them in without shame. 

I have some stuff to fill out and then put in the mailbox (like financial aid forms, eek).

I was determined to stop at the grocery store, since our apartment is truly void of food.

And I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous day and free time and get outside to get some exercise.

But I got home and was sucked into the gravitational pull of the sofa. And here I am, 2 1/2 hours later, and I HAVE NOT MOVED. I think my brain turned off. It certainly hasn't provided any exciting ideas about dinner.

The upside is that only going to classes next week will feel like a relief. Probably.

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