Look how productive you can be when your A/C works!

Crazy productive, people; here’s what I’ve accomplished so far today:

  1. Went to The Container Store to get a file box and folders for law school stuff (and ended up with some jewelry organizers and a toothbrush holder too. That store is evil. I could spend MUCH money there).
  2. Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought an over-the-door mirror (I have been full-length-mirror-less since 2004 and I need to make sure my outfits actually work), a pepper mill (Youngest Cat knocked our old one into the cats’ water dish and now it doesn’t work), and some glass cleaner.
  3. Came home and installed the mirror (had to screw the hooks into the back of the mirror before I could hang it).
  4. Organized my jewelry, which entailed untangling at least four multi-strand necklaces (and then I cleaned some silver jewelry with toothpaste).
  5. Cleaned glass shelf and mirror in bathroom.
  6. Cleaned and hung ten pieces of framed art, involving much use of the whippy tape measure and the level. (I think they all work where they are. I might swap the big one over the TV with the smaller one on the next panel of the wall, though.)
  7. Discovered that one wall of our apartment is cinderblock under the finish and that therefore we won’t be hanging anything there.
  8. Unpacked two last boxes of “decorative stuff” and put most of the decorative stuff on shelves that hopefully Youngest Cat will not assault.
  9. Plotted where to create a family photo gallery with the rest of the unpacked decorative stuff (I need different nails for that, though, so this is currently hypothetical).
  10. Moved a shelf unit a few feet so we can put the vacuum cleaner in the resulting niche (otherwise I foresee the vacuum cleaner living in front of my closet, which is where it’s convenient for NLLDH, but not very convenient for me).
  11. Used the hammer to fix the bottom shelf of said unit (Youngest Cat spent some months sleeping on a quilt on one end of said shelf, which had developed a decided list), and ended up lowering it so it didn’t interfere with outlets.
  12. Got the cat litter I bought yesterday out of the trunk of my car and cleaned the cat box.
  13. Vacuumed up all the litter that gets everywhere on wood floors when you clean the cat box. And vacuumed the bedroom while I was at it (there’s not that much of it not covered by bed, so it doesn’t take long).
  14. Swept the kitchen floor (including the bits of stuff that had fallen behind the framed art that had been stacked against the kitchen wall before being hung).
  15. Emptied and took out the trash.

Phew! Now I’m sitting on the sofa, basking in the coolness from our wonky A/C (and sucking for approval by saying, “Look, internets, at how much I did today!!”), and feeling sort of pleased with myself. I’m also watching Alton Brown make potstickers and really craving take-out of some variety. Anyone want to come over and bring Chinese? Thai? Indian? No?

4 thoughts on “Look how productive you can be when your A/C works!

  1. I am positively envious of everything you accomplished today. I can hold up “graded papers and taught class” as the full extent of my Monday productivity. I really need some of your energy!

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